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MONVA’s mission and values are closely related to quality, sustainability and health.

It is vital for us to obtain the highest quality and food safety in all the processes we carry out, from the plantation of an olive tree to the exit of every bottle from our olive oil mill. To this end, we collaborate with studies and initiatives aimed at certifying the quality of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil in every phase of its production process.

There are two essential premises when it comes to producing an excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil: having a quality product (hence the importance of having a homegrown olive tree plantation) and carrying out a respectful extraction process.

Our team carries out thorough preliminary work – from the study of our olive trees’ farmland, the water input and the necessary nutrients, to the collection period – to obtain the highest quality olives.

At MONVA, we start the picking process when the fruit is still at an initial ripening stage (early), in order to obtain an olive oil of excellent quality and sublime organoleptic profile. We continue to pick our olives until their ripening cycle is complete, when the olive’s epidermis turns black, after having shown eggplant tones.

Nevertheless, intrinsically natural factors also intervene in the quality, such as the olive tree’s degree of acclimation to the environment in which it thrives, the soil composition, and the environmental conditions.

The unbeatable location of our olive tree, at 600 meters above sea level, in the heart of the province with the greatest amount of olive trees in the world, creates the perfect climate conditions for the olive’s development.

MONVA’s target to keep improving our quality control system helps us to be at our ancestors’ level, pioneers in the cultivation of the greatest – and surely, the most productive and beneficial – forest ever planted by men: Jaén’s olive grove.

The ISO 9001 on quality management, and the ISO 14001 on environmental protection certify our Extra Virgin Olive Oil production and bottling processes, which are carried out under the control and surveillance of the technical team of the Sierra Magina Designation of Origin. MONVA has the following Quality control certifications::

  • Origin and Quality of the oil certified by the Regulatory Council of the Sierra Mágina D.O.
  • Protected Designation of Origin, recognized by the European Union
  • Quality norm ISO 9001:2015 for the Quality Management System of the production and bottling process
  • Quality norm ISO 14001:2015 for the production and bottling processes Environment Management System
  • IFS Quality Certification (International Food Standard) for the certification of Food Safety in the production and bottling processes
  • Cultivation and production carried out in accordance with the Regulation on Integrated Production
  • “Certified Quality” seal, awarded by the Government of Andalusia
  • “Degusta Jaén” Quality seal, awarded by Diputación de Jaén
  • Organic farming certification
  • Alive olive tres (“Olivares Vivos”) Certification – SEO BirdLife

MONVA Management Policy

  • ISO 14001ISO 14001
  • Olivares VivosOlivares Vivos
  • Certified QualityCertified Quality
  • P.D.O. Sierra MáginaP.D.O. Sierra Mágina
  • Protected P.D.O.Protected P.D.O.
  • Integrated ProductionIntegrated Production
  • ISO 9001ISO 9001
  • Degusta JaénDegusta Jaén
  • Organic FarmingOrganic Farming