The Montabes Vañó (Monva) family has achieved its 5th Jaén Selección Award in this 2022 edition, following those obtained in 2013, 2014, 2019, and 2020 with its Dominus Cosecha Temprana, a pressed olive oil of unique and exclusive quality that bears the stamp of this family and its team, as well as its experience growing and producing a very special olive oil that fully guarantees its properties and quality.

The unique aroma and taste profile of Dominus Cosecha Temprana, an oil that has been awarded the highest distinctions in leading international tasting competitions, begins with the prior selection of the olive groves on the estate, which are at a higher altitude, closer to the protected mountainous environment of the Sierra Mágina Natural Park. There, the olives are harvested at a very early point of ripeness and milled at a very low temperature of 20ºC, resulting in a highly intense and fresh oil, brimming with complex sensory properties.

Dominus is an EVOO with a personality of its own, which earned it a wide range of awards in the last 2020/2021 olive season, including Best Olive Oil in Spain, ESAO (Olive Oil School of Spain); Platinum Cup; Milan International Olive Oil Awards; Best of Show: Gourmet Shop Buyers Panel, Milan Awards; «Grand Prestige Gold» Medal, Terraolivo International Competition; Gold Medal, London International Olive Oil Competition; Gold Medal, New York International Olive Oil Competition; Gold Medal, Olive Japan International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition; Gold Medal, Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards; Gold Medal, Athena International Olive Oil Competition, Greece; Silver Medal, Zurich International Olive Oil Awards; Finalist Leone d’Oro International Olive Oil Competition; Finalist Expoliva International Olive Oil Competition and Flos Olei Guide 2021: 97 points.