Olive and Acebuchina (wild olive)

Picual Variety

Our Picual olive, planted in a traditional olive grove, gives us an oil with an intense flavour and a high content in oleic acid, provitamins and natural antioxidants, which provide extraordinary benefits for our health and better preserve the oil’s taste, smell and appearance. We begin the harvest mid-October, when we take the olives to the mill before they have started to ripen, and we finish in December, when they have completed their ripening process. Each brand in our Homegrown Oil range treasures the organoleptic qualities and unique properties of the oil from each stage of ripening of the Picual olive.

(wild olives)

The wild ancestor of the olive has bioactive components with unique medicinal, metabolic and dermatological properties, due to the high presence of substances such as palmitoleic acid and sitostanol.

We harvest the wild olive at an initial ripening stage, to obtain a delicate and intense oil, with a particularly sweet and harmonious flavour, which is also fresh and intense in its aromatic notes of wild flowers, banana and kiwi.


Our almazara or oil mill

The first step in the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the harvesting of the fruit. At MONVA, we use various harvesting systems to ensure we adapt to the fruit. The wild acebuchina olive requires the delicate method known as “milking” that is carried out by hand.

Milling and mixing

This refers to the crushing of the fruit until it turns into a homogeneous paste, the olive paste. The mixing temperature will be a key factor in the quality of the oil.


This extracts the oil by separating solids and liquids according to their different densities.


This eliminates the moisture that could otherwise cause fermentation processes in the oil.



The storage conditions of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil meet the following requirements:


Elimination of impurities a few days after oil extraction.


We minimise thermal changes that could cause oil deterioration over time.


By evacuating the oxygen in contact with the oil, we delay its oxidation.


Our packaging process is carried out under the supervision of the Denomination of Origin Sierra Mágina and is ISO 9001 and IFS certified, among other quality standards.