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Cortijo Virgen de Los Milagros
and Hacienda Los Caños

Our oils arrive at your table after a journey of months of caring for the olive tree, its flower and its fruit. We nurture its growth and harvest it delicately to witness its juice emerge in our olive oil mill. To share your journey is our privilege.

This is something that can only happen here, where we grew up, surrounded by olive groves, in two different cortijos, the ancestral estate of our grandparents, “Los Caños”, with its centenary olive trees, which give us our Huerta Los Caños Organic Olive Oil, and our parents’ estate, “Virgen de los Milagros”, there we understood the responsibility of caring for 650 hectares of olive groves and forest area protected by the Sierra Mágina Natural Park.

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Undisputed endorsements

And, of course, we are very grateful. And we’ve confirmed what we believe: that we’re doing a good job, increasingly improving. The unique taste, aroma and appearance of our Dominus Cosecha Temprana have made it one of the most prize-winning oils in the world year after year. Huerta Los Caños boasts an impressive track record in the few years since its launch.


A zeal for work that
is impossible to quantify

quality awards over the past six years
quality control certifications of our processes
employees owning the challenge
years of experience


The true bosses
of kitchens

Sure, we can use the term Chef if we like, but Head Cook also says a lot. And this applies both in a restaurant and in the home. The number of diners doesn’t alter the goal of serving the best dish.

Pedro Sanchez


Juanjo Lopez


Rafa Zafra



All that has passed and
everything that will follow

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