The company produces the renowned EVOO Dominus Cosecha Temprana at the Cortijo Virgen de los Milagros de Mancha Real. The Monva Limited Company was founded 50 years ago, as confirmed to Oleum Xauen by the brothers Francisco and Luis Montabes Vañó, General Manager and Sales Director, respectively, of the oil company that produces the renowned Dominus Cosecha Temprana EVOO, among other oils.

Their parents, Francisco Montabes and Araceli Vañó, bought the Virgen de los Milagros farmhouse in Mancha Real in 1972, following the olive-growing tradition of their respective families (the Montabes family, in Bélmez de la Moraleda and Jimena; and the Vañó family, in Baeza and Úbeda), thus fulfilling the dream they had shared since they married. Their children and grandchildren assert the pride felt for this family legacy, defined by tradition, experience, and the outstanding quality of the products they produce with love and dedication at Monva, an acronym of the surnames Montabes and Vañó. They have no doubt that the balance of these past 50 years could not be more positive. The third generation of the family is already busy at work at Monva: “We work with a highly professional team that is fully committed to quality, and we operate in various segments of around thirty markets at an international level. Our honorary President and founder continue to be a source of inspiration to work towards our goal of continuous improvement,” they stress.

The Cortijo Virgen de los Milagros is the centre of the olive-growing activity of the entire Monva family: “We’ve spent many a happy day there. It is our home and that of our many co-workers who live there. It is the start and end of our daily work. We identify completely with Virgen de los Milagros, and feel a sense of belonging, both personally and professionally”, state the Montabes Vañó brothers. And they add: “It is a privilege to work in one of the traditional cortijos that still remain in Andalusia, surrounded by hectares of olive groves and environmentally protected hills. This estate is filled with the love and dedication shown by hundreds of people over many years. We feel we are the custodians of that effort and responsible for giving the best of ourselves every day”.

The excellent properties and virtues of the EVOOs that Monva produces with the utmost care are widely known; this has made them deserving of many prizes and awards and has earned them approval and popularity among consumers. “Our range of Homegrown EVOO differs in the ripeness of the Picual olive at the time of harvesting, which gives us a variety of green and ripe fruit to work with that covers all kinds of culinary applications, both raw and cooked. These oils are rich in natural antioxidants, balanced but also full-bodied. Dominus Cosecha Temprana and Huerta Los Caños stand out for their fruity intensity, complex organoleptic properties and sensory balance”, they add: “Dominus Acebuche is one of a kind in our range, as it comes from the wild acebuchina olives that grow naturally on the protected, uncultivated hills of the Cortijo Virgen de los Milagros, which account for 15% of our estate’s surface area. This wild acebuchina olive yields distinct aromatic notes, reminiscent of kiwi, green banana and wild flower, in a sensory profile that is extraordinarily fragrant and harmonious”.

They also specify that their basic goals are “to research further into the culinary applications of our Homegrown EVOO, to reduce the environmental impact, to certify the quality of our processes, as well as extend sales networks in Spain and export markets; beyond the goal of continuous improvement in growing, harvesting, extraction, packaging, and marketing”.

And they conclude: “We’d like to thank the specialized magazines, such as Oleum Xauen, for the great work you carry out and for motivating and informing us professionally about current affairs and prospects in the sector. You make our collective effort visible by attracting the attention of new consumers who discover the wonderful world of extra virgin olive oil”.

Asensio López. Oleum Xauen Magazine