Management policy

Management policy

MONVA, S.A. was founded in 1972 and became MONVA, S.L. in October 2006, giving formal shape to an agricultural tradition that dates back through several generations of the Montabes family, dedicated to producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil and later to packaging it under its own brands. Food Safety, Quality and Environmental protection are essential for MONVA’s competitiveness and, therefore, for its survival. MONVA’s Senior Management has established this Management Policy as a reference framework within which all the company’s activities must be carried out in order to guarantee customers and stakeholders receive the benefits of the commitment acquired by MONVA through its Integrated Management and Food Safety systems.

The organisation complies with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, IFS v. 7, as well as with other legal requirements applicable to MONVA, such as the regulations of the Denomination of Origin “Sierra Mágina” and the “Sierra Mágina” API (Integrated Production Association) Regulation, which are also certified in Integrated Olive Grove Production. All these standards, in their current edition, are printed on hard copy in the Quality Department and are available upon request.

From the conversion of several plots in October 2019 of the estate located in Los Caños, in Baeza, MONVA will produce Homegrown ORGANIC EVOO, to be packaged under the brand name “AOVE ECOLÓGICO FINCA LOS CAÑOS”.

This policy is suitable for the Organisation’s purpose and context, backs up its strategic management, and is consistent with the scope of the Management System:
Production of Virgin, Extra Virgin and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Packaging of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil. Sale of Bulk Olive Oil.

The Management Policy is based on the following principles:

1. Quality means meeting customers’ needs and expectations, both externally and internally. All those who form part of MONVA are both suppliers and customers of one another, meaning we should strive to meet all our customers’ needs and expectations and receive the same treatment in return, acting responsibly and efficiently in the event of any complaints, and complying with all the stipulations of Standard ISO 9001:2015.

2. The Food Safety certifications awarded to our product are based on compliance with the HACCP System implemented in MONVA, together with the requirements specified in Standard IFS v.7, with strict control over the critical control points that arise and/or may arise in the manufacturing and packaging of our product. MONVA is committed to Food Safety Culture and Product Quality, understood as the set of attitudes, beliefs and ways of acting that ensure that the company’s strategy is geared towards the continuous improvement of quality and food safety, guaranteeing a safe and quality product for consumers at all times.

3. La mejora continua de la gestión y del comportamiento medioambiental, cumpliendo las directrices 3. Continuous improvement of environmental management and performance, in compliance with the guidelines set out in Standard ISO 14001: 2015, through risk assessment, prevention and analysis of the root causes of all problems that have come about, rather than just detection of problems. Based on Continuous Improvement, we strive every day to make good use of the limited resources that the environment bestows upon us, thus ensuring long-term continuity, along with a commitment to managing improvements in environmental performance.

4. The decision-making process and the planning and implementation of the activities take into account the measures necessary to prevent contamination of soil, air or water, ensuring they are carried out in a manner which is respectful of the environment. This enables adaptation to the impacts of the company and of the specific environment it operates in.

5. It guarantees compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations at national, regional and local levels, with special emphasis on legislation on air, water and waste, thus ensuring that all activities are, and will continue to be, carried out in accordance with these requirements, thus meeting the commitment to stakeholders, especially the different Government Bodies. Also compliance with the legislation and regulations applicable to olive oil, food safety and organic production, thus ensuring that all products produced at Monva comply with the principles of the Codex Alimentarius, thereby guaranteeing that these products are safe, legal and of high quality.

6. It provides a series of procedures as common reference elements for quality assurance and to prevent and control pollution, both during normal operation and in the event of accidents.

7. It guarantees the high hygienic condition and maintenance of all facilities, eliminating risks that could be associated with Critical Points within our System, due to deficiencies in cleaning and maintenance operations.

8. The training and participation of all employees is of utmost importance, both in establishing and achieving the objectives and goals set and also in improving management. Everybody at MONVA is aware of their responsibility and must act in their role as manager of the resources they are in charge of, guiding them towards their intended purpose. In order to achieve a true food safety culture that is rooted in the company, we have started working on the individual awareness of all employees, providing them with knowledge about the product they manufacture or market, even going as far as integrating the science surrounding the product and its use in society. Likewise, all divisions are interrelated to ensure the traceability of the processes and products, and allow detection of any anomaly or setback that may come about in any step or process.

9. MONVA is fully aware that good internal coordination and management of the company, combined with the willing collaboration of all its employees, are required in order to achieve customer satisfaction. One of our main commitments is therefore equality and respect for the human team, making it possible for the company to function properly and achieve all its objectives. The company ensures good training, information and workplace risk management, in terms of safety, health and ergonomics. An equality and action plan against harassment has been implemented in the company.
Likewise, MONVA, S.L. is committed to the use of social responsibility as a means of improving understanding with all stakeholders interacting with it: suppliers, partners, government bodies, competitors and society in general.

10. It learns from past performance, and this requires us to keep records with historical data and have the ability to analyse them and draw conclusions for the purpose of improving, dealing with non-conformities and incidents effectively in order to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction.

11. It ensures product safety at all times by establishing an Incident Management Team that will proceed in accordance with the Product Recall and Recovery procedure in the event of any serious problems or food alerts. This security is also complemented by an assessment of the risk of fraudulent actions, based on the Fraud Management Procedure, thus adding to the proactivity and commitment of the entire organisation in the prevention of this type of incident as a guarantee for customers and consumers. In addition, the Communication Plan established in the Product Recovery and Recall Procedure indicates the steps to be followed to inform customers and consumers on how to address and resolve incidents related to such recalls, if any. Likewise, it verifies that raw and auxiliary materials acquired through external suppliers comply with existing specifications and their authenticity and that all essential processes that make up the Management System are perfectly controlled to avoid food fraud.

12. It ensures strict control of the review of the Management System, always taking into account the different opportunities for improvement and guaranteeing a process of continuous improvement, including advances in scientific and technical developments applicable to our industry. Food safety culture is considered to be well implemented in MONVA as the safety and health of consumers is understood and accepted as a priority by the whole organisation.
Based on this Policy, Senior Management approves the entire Organisation’s objectives and targets on a yearly basis, establishing the lines of improvement for this period.

This Management Policy is made known to and understood by all people who work at MONVA; we must act according to these premises in order for our company to be recognised for both the high quality and food safety of the products it supplies and also for its respect of the environment, achieving a future guarantee that only leading, competitive organisations in the market can offer.

Authorised, reviewed and signed by Senior Management
Version: 16
Date of approval: 06.09.2022